What readers say

“After my first read through, I am filled with a deep undertone of worship that permeates and comes through the words. It is more than just the prayers…

My absolute favourite, for now, is Al-Mu’izz! I think pride is the number one reason for discord in relationships. So, the prayer “..teach me to cherish my spouse with unwavering honour and appreciation” demands that there is no ego and pride, hence the need to reject “shame and humiliation in order to preserve the dignity of our union…” I am going to read it over again and again.

Evelyn Mamman, USA


“…It’s fabulous. I’m in awe of these intimate conversations you have written. And of our God, who is mighty and good.”

Kori Carew, USA


“I love the book. I would not change anything in it, Alhamdulillah.

I have read An Affluent Heart and it is very beneficial. It gives people a meaningful way of calling out to Allah regarding their needs and it is definitely something that is needed and will benefit those who read it and those who are serious about the names of Allah- He has many beautiful names so use them to call out to Him. I pray that Allah accepts it from the author, the compiler and at the same time may Allah forgive every one of us and grant us the ability to use these names.

A beautiful book. Please make use of it and take it seriously.”

Mufti Ismail Menk- Harare, ZIMBABWE


“A brilliant book. It’s sincere and open and speaks to you simply.

It’s beautifully written- it’s like you speak my language and express what I am unable to.”

Umm Muhammad, NIGERIA


“After 11 years, I have come to understand that marriage, just like Iman, isn’t meant to be static .

There are highs and lows, and what should be a constant for us as we navigate through life is maintaining our connection to Allah. One of the best ways is to make du’a. The du’as in this book will resonate with anyone of us sincerely seeking Allah’s help to be blessed with a tranquil marriage. Each one articulates what many of us might feel but aren’t able to express.

I love how it covers everything and doesn’t leave anything out.”

Hadiza Dahiru, EGYPT


“I have known Aisha almost all my life, and some of our shared common beliefs include the pursuit to enrich our lives with knowledge and constant self-criticism of our beliefs.

I have been through tough times and Alhamdulillah scaled through by pursuing higher Iman, and with support from my family, especially from my wife Jamila, may Allah continue to bless her. We have always aspired to live by the teachings of these du’as, and Alhamdulillah this has helped us overcome our difficulties, become better spouses, mentor other couples and we pray that they, among others help us to become even better Muslims.

I am not totally surprised at the quality, depth and breadth of the Du’a collection in this book; as they reflect the beliefs held by Aisha for years, some of which we have often discussed. I recommend you read ‘An Affluent Heart’  with a view to becoming a better person to yourself, to your spouse and to mentor others.