Al Waliy – (The Protective Friend, Helper)


Life is indeed a struggle, we all know that. Some have more difficult trials in life than others. Alhamdulillah, in 14 years of marriage, we have had our share of tests. And I would like to say, Maa sha Allah, we have accepted all of it in good faith, as we continue the struggle. The tempo of faith is also a challenging task.

Last year, when Aisha visited us, our discussions made us put into perspective how our struggles, faith, and family could all be harmoniously blended for the enrichment of our lives. As she was leaving, she wrote a du’a for us (using Al-Waliy’ as her inspiration). As we read the du’a, it immediately struck a chord deep within us and we would like to believe that du’a is purposely tailored especially for us.

It spoke to us- affirming that despite all our struggles as a couple, it is the faith, the love and most importantly, the du’as that we have been praying for each other that has been, and always will be the glue in our relationship.