Ash Shakur – (The Grateful, Appreciative One)


I am 23 yrs old and still single but I have recently met someone I would love to settle down with In sha Allah.

The language used in An Affluent Heart is simple, comprehensive and straightforward. The du’as are excellent.
I personally feel that the best way to pray to your Lord is by calling Him with His beautiful names to ask for any favours. My favourite du’a is “Ash Shakur”.

I love the part that asks Allah to remind me ‘ far I am from being perfect and ‘erase my resentments whenever I am unforgiving, angry or impatient…’ I believe it’s very important for couples to be patient and forgiving with one another, and a spouse who is like that would be such a blessing from Allah.

I also feel that being grateful to Ash Shakur for your partner is extremely important… this du’a begins with thankfulness for ‘the loving partner by my side…’ its why I love this du’a so much. An Affluent Heart is the first du’a book I have seen with du’as that are all about marriage.

It is an excellent book for anyone who is married, or those of us contemplating it.