An Affluent Heart

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An Affluent Heart

The power of Du’a to enrich your marriage
by Aisha Dahiru Atta


“An Affluent Heart is a collective plea, a prayerful contemplation in which pride is abandoned, and a humble admission of need, human frailty, as well as our dependence upon God reigns supreme.

Marriage is a blessing from God and since God is the designer of marriage in the first place, it is natural that we would seek wisdom and guidance from Him.

This book is a stirring invitation to draw spouses closer to each other and closer to God. Through its supplications, An Affluent Heart compels us to fight for our marriages and challenges us to pray with, and for each other.”

5 reviews for An Affluent Heart

  1. Sadiya Muhammed

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    This book was BEAUTIFULLY written and with every page I flipped, I loved the duas more. Sometimes I even repeated reading some pages because of how well constructed the duas are and kept saying ameen. The duas communicate our deepest needs in the best way to our Rabb, calling on Allah using His Precious names. This book has inspired me greatly to seek solace only from Allah. May Allah reward the Author with the highest place in Jannah. Ameen. <3

  2. Iman Sulaiman-Ibrahim

    I am so fond of my dua books and fell in love with this one instantly, I had read it for the second time almost immediately. The act of Offering dua is a very personal and private thing. I applaud the author for carefully compiling this book and for sharing with us all. I learnt so many ways to improve and enhance the way I offer mine. This book is a must have in your daily dua collection and it’s a must read. I have customised my copy already with a lot of notes and highlights.

  3. Zuwaira

    This book is truly rich with duas to equip our daily lives. I applaud the author for using the beautiful names of Allah to make duas. I can’t go a day without reading or making duas from this book, I even recite them in tears. Subhannallah.

    May Almighty Allah bless the author of this book and accept her duas and grant her most heart felt desires. Ameen.

    Thank you so much for this well written and compiled book of Duas.

  4. Maryam Aamatullah Babba

    Assalama Alaikum,

    I normally do not leave reviews but with this book I just had to. I ordered it over Ramadan from the website, it came in a lovely package with a lovely note masha Allah. It isn’t a heavy book that will take you long to read but it is really good, has so much depth, beautiful contemplations and things one needs to be mindful of when making Dua. I read it in one sitting and still find myself picking it up (often) to ponder over some of its content (the authors note/advice was the cherry on the top for me).

    From this book, I have learnt to incorporate a lot of the authors beautiful words into my daily Dua’s. They are beautiful, personal and calls upon our Rabb using His most beautiful names. You are such an immense blessing masha Allah. Jazakillahu Khairan and may we all be blessed with an affluent heart.


  5. Aishatu

    It’s like the dua’s are the things you’ve always known you want to ask Allah, but never found a way of articulating them. Beautiful book. So profound. So deep. A must read.

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