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The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

Affluence (richness) does not lie in the abundance of worldly goods,
but in the richness of the soul (heart, self)

(Sahih Muslim)

An Affluent Heart is a stirring collection of unique and thought-provoking personal du’ā written especially for you.

Each supplication is designed to help couples ​draw ​closer to one another as they deepen their connection with Allāh, while drawing inspiration from the beautiful names and attributes of Allāh. There is something in it for everyone,at any stage of marriage – single, newlywed, veteran, and divorced.

A timeless book that enriches you and your relationship, through du’a.

Du’a Stories

These are the personal du’a reflections of our readers. Click on a name for the audio interpretation of their du’a story. Artwork by Zohayma Montañer 


Al Jabbar – (The Compeller, Restorer)

Last year, I tried to read the manuscript for An Affluent Heart. As I read the very first dua, my first thought was […]

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Ash Shakur – (The Grateful, Appreciative One)

I am 23yrs old and still single but I have recently met someone I would like to settle down with In sha Allah.[…]

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Al Waliy – (The Protective Friend, Helper)

Life is indeed a struggle, we all know that. Some have more difficult trials than others […]

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What readers say

An Affluent Heart’ is a heart-warming collection of personally crafted du’a for those who seek a tranquil marriage. It has a unique approach as it goes beyond merely listing du’a; instead, it reaffirms the sunnah of asking Allah with His beautiful names.

With a clear audience in mind and a distinctive approach, ‘An Affluent Heart’ is a useful resource couples can reference and use as a learning tool time and time again.”

LaYinka Sanni, Emergence Coach, UK


“Masha Allah, I truly love this, it’s so fresh! I don’t think any book like it is out there, at least not in English. Subhanallah, one of the major causes of disobedience and shirk arises from the desire to have a happy married life (especially in our community).

May Al-Hadi use your effort to guide millions through this book. May Allah accept it and bless you in this.”

Umm Hayat, UK


“These du’as reflect for me, that which I wish, wished and continue to pray for in my marriage.

How else does one give back than to guide others to the many paths of getting closer to Allah? I pray Allah blesses this piece of work and makes it one of many routes to Jannah for us all.”

Abu Yahya, NIGERIA


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About the Author

Aisha Dahiru – Atta is passionate about meaningful relationships and conversations that have the power to transform.

Her distinctive and evocative writing draws upon her personal experience, as well as that of many brave people who have honoured her with theirs. Her most abundant source of inspiration and motivation after her Lord, are her incredible family. Aisha can usually be found devouring books, tea, pretty stationery, procedural dramas, travel destinations and jelly sweets – often all at the same time. An Affluent Heart is her debut book.

In a recent chat, she opens up about becoming a published author.



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An Affluent Heart
The power of Du’a to enrich your marriage
by Aisha Dahiru Atta


“Marriage is a blessing from God and since God is the designer of marriage in the first place, it is natural that we would seek wisdom and guidance from Him.

An Affluent Heart is a stirring invitation to draw spouses closer to each other and closer to God. Through its supplications, this book compels us to fight for our marriages and challenges us to pray with, and for each other.”





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